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Handouts from sessions available

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I've taken all the handouts from our discussion sessions and compiled them on a new page here on the website. On the right under Pages, go to Discussion Handouts for the complete list. Most are PDFs with some PowerPoint sprinkled in for taste.

ELI 2009 Orlando conference

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Dale Erskine, Mike Fry, Mike Zeigler, and Barry Hill just got back from the Educause Learning Initiative conference in Orlando. This is one of the most productive, informative conferences around where institutions share what they are doing with technology and learning. Very cool stuff, such as visualizing data and places through rich-media Google Maps, development of e-portfolios and personal publishing applications, use of mobile technologies (smart phones, etc), and many others. I'll be posting some examples on the site in the near future, and after Mike F and Dale E return from sabbatical we'll have all of us share our experiences at a CETL session. 
Funny you should are the options:
  1. ITS is now offering blogs for courses and personal use (faculty and staff). See David Shapiro to get yours up and running, and I will be glad to visit with you to show some ideas, help you set things up, whatever.
  2. I've been running most of my blogs through, mainly because I did all this before LVC developed on-campus capability. These are free, offer a wide variety of themes and options, but are not supported by LVC staff. 
Now...go blog.

Did you miss it? Here's the blog workshop handout

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If you did not attend the workshop on using blog websites, here's the handout. The last slide includes addresses to websites I showed and can get you started with ideas. Again, my primary purpose for this topic is to help faculty get started with their own website, begin posting rich content that can be used in class or in collaboration with other people, and then begin to think creatively about how this technology can dramatically enhance what we do at the college. One step at a time, but I'm looking to get interested people together to brainstorm ideas. Here are two example sites: a very simple one I'm using now, and one demo site I put together for the presentation.
If you have questions about any of this let me know - I'll be glad to help get you started.

Grant awards announced

We're pleased to offer $1000 Course Design Enhancement Grants to the following faculty members for Spring 2008:
  • Mike Fry, Math Sciences
  • Michael Kitchens, Psychology
  • Renee Norris, Music
  • Bob Valgenti, Religion & Philosophy
  • Jane Yingling, Education 
The Grants page (see right menu) includes PDFs of their applications so you can see what they are working on. 

Course design enhancement grant program

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Due to a generous gift to the college, CETL is able to provide faculty grants to support efforts in improving course design and teaching. See the Faculty Support page for more details and to download the grant application. Submissions are due March 14, and approved participants will be notified by March 31.