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Quittapahilla Film Festival will take place 9/30 - 10/2, 2005. The Quittapahilla Film Festival, first held in 2004, offers an intimate venue for local and regional film makers to show their films to Central PA. The festival attracts film enthusiasts of Central PA to a stage for culture and the arts. In 2005, the festival will include events such as feature length films, panel discussions and opportunities for the film directors and audiences to discuss the films.

The Quittapahilla Film Festival will take place at The Allen Theater located at 36 East Main Street in Annville, Pennsylvania. The Allen Theater and MJ's Coffeehouse is a recently renovated historical building. Many years ago the building served as a theater and through the use of its art deco feel people today can get a feel for what the theater once was. (link to Allen Theatre).
MJs Coffeehouse is adjoined to the theatre allowing movie goers to enjoy a wide assortment of drinks and food as well as entertainment. Today many people from the local area come to MJ's to enjoy time together eating and socializing. There are game nights, open mic nights and many other activities in the coffeehouse. The atmosphere and layout of The Allen Theater and MJ's coffeehouse serve as a wonderful place to hold the second annual film festival.

The second annual Quittapahilla Film Festival is now accepting films. We are looking for a wide variety of films to capture the attention of many different film goers! Enter your film though Withoutabox.com by clicking on the Withoutabox link to the left or look on our Filmmakers page for more information.
"Our goal is to offer a venue for local, national and international filmmakers to present their original works.
The festival will provide the opportunity to experience a diverse selection of unique films in Central Pennsylvania."
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