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Saturday, October 2

Saturday 1:30, 4:30 and 7:00 PM The Allen Theatre

Maria Full of Grace, by (101 minutes)

This is the critically acclaimed harrowing story of a (not quite) typical mule: Maria Alvarez (Moreno), an intelligent and fiercely independent 17-year-old girl from Colombia who agrees to smuggle a half-kilo of heroin into the United StatesStarring: Catalina Sandino Moreno, Yenny Paola Vega, Guilied Lopez, Patricia Rae, Orlando Tobon

Admission prices for Maria Full of Grace:

Regular Admission: $7.00-- Seniors 55 and older and children 12 and under: $5.00.

Matinees (all screenings before 5:00 PM) all seats $5.00

Additional Times

Sunday, October 3:  4:30, 7:00, 9:00


Saturday 3:30 PM Leedy Theater

Drama Therapy, by Byron Karabatsos (27 minutes)

Drama Therapy is a video that shows my father's attempt to come to terms with his childhood memories of Nazi-occupied Greece, and my attempt to reconcile my stormy and often violent relationship with him. I return to the house where I grew up to video my father smash the family television set with a hammer after the Greek National Soccer Team loses to the German National Soccer Team. The boundaries between fiction and reality become blurred in an attempt at drama therapy.

My Old Man, by Alex Levine (7 minutes)

An aging writer remembers his father, and the story that, for the briefest of moments, brought them together. Based upon the works of Charles Bukowski.

Albert Alcalay: Self Portraits, by Allen Moore (56 minutes)

This documentary portrait reflects the extraordinary life and engaging personality of artist and teacher Albert Alcalay, through a first-person look at his development as a painter, examining the ways in which Alcalay's artistic language has been shaped by the American landscape, by memory, and by loss.

Saturday 5:30 PM Leedy Theater

The Regular Guy, by Fulvio Cecere (10 minutes)

A comedy about letting go! Literally! One man has too much bran one morning and then gets lost on his way to work.

The Future, by Casimir Nozkowski (19 minutes)

Three explorers awaken from their self-induced suspended animation in an unrecognizable and intimidating future. Confronted by the landscape's masked occupants, they take stock in their situation: How far in the future have they slept? Do they need breathing suits? And what, for God's sake, is the signal?

The Thief, by Yeon Choi 6 minutes

A painter found a kangaroo as a studio mate. The kangaroo started stealing things from the painter. Since he doesn't know that she has a secret pouch, he doesn't have any evidence that she is the thief.

A Day at the Goat Races, by James Hollenbaugh, Kevin Fritz and Bartek Zytkowiak (38 minutes)

A Day at the Goat Races is a side-splitting, revolutionary, and in-depth look at the unusual American event, the Falmouth goat races.

Saturday 7:30 PM Leedy Theater

Containment: Life After Three Mile Island, by Chris Boebel and Nick Poppy (60 minutes)

Containment: Life After Three Mile Island is a one-hour documentary that explores the legacy of the 1979 accident at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant from the perspective of the nearby community of Middletown, Pennsylvania. Shot on digital video, "Containment" weaves together interviews, verite' scenes, and archival material to examine the accident's long-term effects on local residents, including the rise of anti-nuclear activism, psychological consequences and the debate over health effects. What is the half-life of memory?

Saturday 7:30 PM MJ’s Coffee House (at the Allen Theatre)

The Role of Independent Film in the 21st Century - a panel discussion (60 minutes)

Dr. Roberta Jill Craven - Associate Professor of Film, Millersville University

Dr. Phil Billings - Professor of English, Lebanon Valley College

Dr. Doug Stenberg - Instructor of English and Humanities, Wilson High School

Jack Ferry – Director, A Reasonable Hypothesis

Saturday 9:30 PM Leedy Theater

Plagues and Pleasures on the Salton Sea, by Chris Metzler and Jeff Springer (86 minutes)

 There was a time when the Salton Sea, tucked into the southeast corner of California was known as the Riviera of the West--a haven for jetsetters and vacationers. Originally created by accident, it's now one of the country's worst ecological disasters: a fetid, stagnant, salty lake, coughing up dead fish and birds by the thousands. Still, a hardy few have hung on there, hoping for help to come along and restore the lake to its former glory. Congressman Sonny Bono himself was once dedicated to saving the lake, until he went skiing one day...Eccentrics abound in this surreal landscape: the naked guy who waves to passing RVs; the man who built his own holy mountain; beer-loving Hungarian Hunky Daddy; the guys who plan to get rich someday when this virtual sewer becomes a Riviera again. Hair-raising and hilarious, part history lesson, part cautionary tale and part portrait of one of the strangest communities you've ever seen, this is the American Dream gone as stinky as a dead carp.

Saturday 9:30 PM The Allen Theatre

30 Miles, by Ronnie Cramer (4 minutes)

The same 30 mile trip is photographed 23 years apart and presented via time-lapse split screen.

Stall, by Brian Kerr (1 minutes)

Identities are increasingly reliant upon numbers. Personal interactions become more disconnected, and at times we have a stronger relationship with technology than with other humans. Our collective consciousness is fragmented and held immobile. This video explores the struggle toward individuality when embedded as part of a mysterious and seemingly all-powerful production machine.

A Reasonable Hypothesis, by Jack Ferry (20 minutes)

For years Michael has been plagued with psychotic visions of unthinkable medical experiments being performed on him. After a failed attempt at suicide, his mother takes the young boy to a priest for guidance. The strict confines of his faith only add to his unrest, as his psychosis worsens. At eighteen, he drowns himself in his bathtub. He awakes, only to find himself in the hospital of his nightmares. Once he gains enough strength, he struggles to escape. Trying to avoid the doctor and nurse from his dreams, he stumbles upon another patient, brain dead and on a respirator. To his horror, the body appears to be his, down to the scar on his wrist from his first suicide attempt. Michael soon discovers that the body is indeed his, and that he is not who he thinks he is.

Bedbugs, by Jeremy Steel (8 minutes)

They say REM sleep gives you your best rest. They say the eye movement is proof of the electrical activity present while you dream. They say dreams are a way for the mind to play with reality; it all ends when you wake up. What happens when THEY are wrong?

Street Cuts, by Anthie Domi (3 minutes)

Street scenes at night featuring the noise of a street-sweeper, children and barking dogs. Filmed in Thessaloniki, Greece and produced in San Francisco. USA-GREECE color/with sound.

The 100% Perfect Girl, by Gregory Bourdeau and Karen McGovern (15 minutes)

An essence. A purity of soul. An intangible connection. Such are the experiences of a man when he notices an enchanting woman while out for a walk in Portland, OR. As he passes her on the street, the man discovers that she is the 100% Perfect Girl. Lacking any definition for his feelings, he only knows that it's not her face, her clothes or personality that mesmerizes him. It goes much deeper as he connects with the core of her spirit.

The Insect Collector, by Matthew Kiskis and Eli Schwanz (19 minutes)

The Insect Collector deals with a modern insular family and their attempts to maintain their fractured lifestyle.

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