Pictures from China, taken by Sue and Bess, picked and annotated by Mike

amazing wooden carved chain, and a hint of the garden in reflection, in Suzhou

Sometimes the grammar was not so good, but the point was made.

An emperor expressed his jealousy for these columns at the Temple of Confucius in Qufu.

One of our few glimpses of extreme poverty, from bullet train approaching Beijing area.

The emperor was carried up this back way to the Dragon Throne in the Forbidden City.
You should have seen the front steps.

Chinese plumbing usually gets pretty poor reviews, but it has its advantages if you have good knees.
This is at a rest stop near Shanghai.

Garden of the Fishing-Net Master in Suzhou.

This door shape represents the moon (which represents paradise), and this is a doorway to paradise.

... And while we're on the subject of striking doorways, the camera can hardly capture the beauty of this woodwork.
Still at the garden in suzhou.

The color of this woman's coat and slippers and mop help bring brightness to her chore, along the canal in Suzhou.

People in Shanghai, and a traffic cop.

A moment to reflect, while waiting for Dad (since I suppose it was Mom who took the picture).

in Qufu (Confucius' home town)

one of the delights at the food market in Tai'an

Elizabeth with a cold was a good sport.

Somebody waved or spoke, and these shy kids broke out in jubilant friendliness.
They're Nike employees apparently doing some team cheering competition. This was one of many teams in the courtyard, all in the same outfits.

Not easy to say goodbye to Michael, the best tourguide ever!
I mean it.  A genious at smoothing over problems, and preventing them.
And full of insight.

A nice candid of Elizabeth, in Muir Woods (redwoods, north of San Francisco), but ready to go home.

Bess is a little nervous about spiders here.  I'll let her tell you the story.

I like how it looks like she's calmly dangling from a cable.

And then we went home.